Blue Mill Meadows

Pasture-raised Miniature Jerseys


We have found the miniature Jerseys to be a special breed. They are generally docile and friendly like the larger Jerseys. The minis, though, have a heritage of thriving on small homesteads in the hills and valleys of Appalachia.

Here on our farm in the Southern Appalachian mountains our mini Jerseys are thriving on a high intensity, short duration pasture grazing system. We are extending the grazing season so that for most of the year they are out in small pasture paddocks and moved to fresh pasture one to two times per day. Our cows calve easily out on pasture and the calves are healthy and vigorous.
The Schindlers
Blue Mill May
  • A2A2 and A2A1
  • Pasture-raised
  • High-intensity grazing
  • Hardy on grass

DC Taylor
  • Pasture-raised and dam-raised
Blue Mill mini jersey
Dam-raised, pasture-raised
Blue Mill Rupert
  • A2A2
  • Dam-raised, pasture-raised